Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pakistani Sweet Girl Amina

As innocent as a flower

As sweet as cherry pie

As beautiful as a sunset

As bright as a firefly

As clever as a musician

As romantic as a red rose

As genuine as a teardrop

As funny as a clown’s nose

As honest as a young child

As fun as a merry-go-round

As rare as a four leaf clover

As down-to-earth as the ground

As friendly as a butterfly

As precious as passing youth

As beautyfull as Miss world is

As valuable as pure truth

Hope u like it!!! 

.._.;88m a8___,8""_"8
______"8,am888i"'___ 3,mm"
______,8"___8"__ 3.m888"
_____,88P""""" 3I888888
______88.'_,mm""____"8I88"m,,mm'" 8
______"8_m""_________"I8 ""'


T. aZiz said...

Hi Amina,

you are really so nice and beautiful
skype: dosti333

Saravameupai said...

Amina, excelentes fotos. VocĂȘ fotografa muito bem! aplausos! Stones Oswaldo